Sizing guide for monobo pretty shoes

Size 5 = max feet measurement 22.2 cm

Size 6 = max feet measurement 23.2cm

Size 7 = max feet measurement 24.2cm

Size 8 = max feet measurement 25cm

okie dokie, no more wrong sizes after this we hope..!

**sizing guide ni khas utk monobo pretty aje tau, yg lain2 pls refer to description under each item ya!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Monobo Pretty Shoes!

* Note: Although the colours in the pics may not be 100% the same as the real thing, u can expect between 90-95% accuracy

Fancy one of these Monobo Pretty sandals? These shoes are selling like hot cakes right now in Singapore, Thailand & they even sell in Europe, Australia & US.

Imported from Thailand, they're durable, skidproof (non-slip), comfy, lightweight & cute! They’re made from EVA foam (synthetic rubber) which is often used in the industrial sector & in athletic shoes for its physical shock absorbency. The famous Crocs shoes are made from the same material.

Price per pair: RM39 only!

These cuties are great for casual weekend outings, for driving, gardening, can be worn at the beach, on rainy days, to work, to class, with jeans, capris, skirts, shorts, jubah, baju kurung and it’s also a good choice for those who need better sole support because of its soft n lightweight nature (just make sure u pick the right size).

Price per pair: RM39 only!

We have them in Black, White, Beige, Grey, Pink, Violet/Purple, Light Blue, Red, Orange, Olive Green & Light Green. Choose your colour, or why not pick several colours! :)

~pella is wearing Pretty in Orange~

~pella is wearing Pretty in Grey~
The sizing is a bit small, and here's the equivalent size for these Monobo Pretty sandals :
Monobo Size 5 = 35 or size 4
Monobo Size 6 = 36 or size 5
Monobo Size 7 = 37 or size 6
Monobo Size 8 = 38 or size 7

The sole is actually the same size as Vincci & any other shoe brands, but we advise u to take 1 size bigger as the front of the shoe is a bit short for the toes n the back strap might pull your feet to the front.

So, if you’re a size 4/5, take size 5, if you’re size 5/6, take size 6 & so on. We think it's better to leave them spacious than wearing them too tight. But if you're still not sure, u can always e-mail us n we'd be glad to help.

Stocks are limited for now, so don't miss them!

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