Sizing guide for monobo pretty shoes

Size 5 = max feet measurement 22.2 cm

Size 6 = max feet measurement 23.2cm

Size 7 = max feet measurement 24.2cm

Size 8 = max feet measurement 25cm

okie dokie, no more wrong sizes after this we hope..!

**sizing guide ni khas utk monobo pretty aje tau, yg lain2 pls refer to description under each item ya!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How to measure your feet

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Hi dear bloggers,

This is something useful for u online shoppers. Here are some simple steps on how to measure the length of your feet, so that we can help find the right sizes for u

  • First, get a piece of paper (it has to be bigger than your feet) n lay it on the floor

  • Then put one foot firmly on the paper

  • Using a pencil, mark the outermost point of your toe n at the back of your feet (tandakan la kat bhg plg depan ibu jari kaki n bhg belakang tumit)

  • Take a ruler or a measuring tape n measure the length between those 2 points in centimeter (ukur jgn tak ukur ye)

  • That’s the length of your feet in cm n u can e-mail us that size

Itulah lebih kurangnye..

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