Sizing guide for monobo pretty shoes

Size 5 = max feet measurement 22.2 cm

Size 6 = max feet measurement 23.2cm

Size 7 = max feet measurement 24.2cm

Size 8 = max feet measurement 25cm

okie dokie, no more wrong sizes after this we hope..!

**sizing guide ni khas utk monobo pretty aje tau, yg lain2 pls refer to description under each item ya!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Flat PVC flip flops with rhinestones

This design is restockable.
Currently, this is what we have in stock now.
It's non-slippery - suitable for outdoors & indoors, in the kitchen n the washing area
(click on the pic for larger view)
Code : ST 59
Color : Dark Brown - Sold to Izah
Size : 36 (23 cm)
Price : RM12 only

E-mail for pre-order ya!

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